Yen Tu

Yen Tu relic site is a complex of pagodas, hermitages, towers and ancient tree forests and is regarded as a famous mountain of Vietnam.


Yen Tu is considered the center of Buddhism of the old Dai Viet country and the origin of Truc Lam Zen who was associated with the Buddhist King Tran Nhan Tong (1258 – 1308). Vast Yen Tu now has 11 pagodas and hundreds of the most famous hermitages and towers: Trinh temple, Hoa Hien pagoda, Dong pagoda (on the highest peak 1,068m from the sea level). An Ky Sinh statue, ancient apricot forest, Vang waterfall, Giai Oan spring, Tung road, True forest are excellent tourist destinations.

Yen Tu
Photo: Wikimedia Commons
True Lam Yen Tu Monastery
True Lam Yen Tu Monastery. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Over the past years, True Lam Yen Tu Monastery has been built on the base of the old Lan pagoda.


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