Vung Tau


Vung Tau is a big tourist center located in Ba Ria – Vung Tau Province. Vung Tau’s attractiveness as a tourist spot derives from the harmonious combination of the sea with mountains and urban architecture.

Vung Tau
Ha Long Road in Vung Tau, Vietnam. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

It also has many cultural works such as monuments, pagodas and. Vung Tau has no winter, thus resorts can operate all the year round. There are 7 seaside resorts close to the city each resort has its own beauty such as Sau resort (Thuy Van), Truoc Resort (Tam Duong), Dau Resort (Phuong Thao), Dua Resort (Huong Phong), Hang Bang Resort (or Lang Du Resort), Vong Nguyet Resort (or O Quan). Vung Tau also has many sites and scenic spots such as Hai Dang on Nho Mountain and Lon Mountain, Bach Dinh, Niet Ban Tinh Xa, Thich Ca Phat Dai, Long Son Great House.


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