Truong Luy relic


Truong Luy is a newly found historic relic. It is a system of connected fortifications stretching hundreds of kilometers, starting from the south of Quang Nam Province through Quang Ngai provincce and 8 districts to the north of Binh Dinh Province.

Truong Luy relic
Truong Luy relic. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

At present, researchers have discovered 127.4km of Truong Luy including 113km in Quang Ngai. Truong Luy was established in the mid-16th century and completed in the early 19th century. The rampart is built mainly from stone, and some places by earth with an average height of 2m. The rampart base is 4m wide and rampart surface is 1m wide. Fortifications have a square shape, each edge averaging from 25 to 30m. Truong Luy – fortifications are not only designed to protect but also designed for economic and cultural exchange between the lowland and the mountainous areas.


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