Po Klong Garai tower


It is the common name for the most grandiose and beautiful Cham tower cluster in Vietnam located in the Northwest of Phan Rang. Cham tower (Ninh Thuan Province) is about 7km from the city center. Po Klong Garai tower is a complex of three towers: main tower (20.5m high), fire tower (9.31 m high), gate tower (8.56m high). The towers worship King Poklong Garai (1151 -1205) who had many merits in ruling the country.

Po Klong Garai tower
Po Klong Garai tower. Photo: Hoang Thu Hien
Po Klong Garai tower
Photo: Chris

Po Klong Garai Tower was built from the late 13th century to the early 14th century under the guidance of King Che Man. This tower is the climax of architecture and sculpture of Cham people.

Every year, Cham people organize Kate Festival in July In Cham calendar, which is the biggest festival in the year for Cham people.


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