Phu Quoc Prison Relic

Viet Nam/Phu Quoc Communist Prison Historical Relic (or Phu Quoc Prison Relic) is located in An Thoi Town, 30km to the southeast of Duong Dong Town.


In 1950, the French Colonial built Cay Dua (Coconut tree) Prison in Phu Quoc to detain prisoners. In 1966, a larger scale prison named Viet Nam/ Phu Quoc Communist Prison with the total area of 400ha was built by the American Empire and Sai Gon puppet government (Nguy) on the base of the old prison. In 1972, Phu Quoc Prison had 14 zones, each zone was divided into 4 sub-zones holding 11 cells. The prison was strictly guarded with 10-15 layers barbed-wire fences, 14 fortress with heavy machine guns and many mobile sentry posts. During its existence (from 1967 to 1973), Phu Quoc Prison detained over 40,000 prisoners, 4,000 of them were killed and ten thousands ones were injured and maimed. Phu Quoc Prison is also known as “The living hell” because American-Sai Gon puppet government used many brutal torture forms such as nailing, barbed-wire cages, burying alive… to subdue fighting will of Vietnamese revolutionaries.

Phu Quoc Prison Relic
Phu Quoc Prison Relic. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Now, Phu Quoc Prison Relic consists of the fist-shaped monument, martyrs cemetery, house of artifacts and outdoor display area. To Phu Quoc Prison Relic, visitors can watch documentary films on the prison, and observe various models, remnants and artifacts which stimulate brutal torture sceneries of the communist prisoners.

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Phu Quoc Prison Relic has been recognized as National Historical Relic since 1995, Special National Relic since March 2015.

Phu Quoc Prison Relic
Phu Quoc Prison Relic. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Outstanding characteristics

Fist-shaped monument in Phu Quoc Prison Relic is the symbol of heroic spirit to the break the chains of Phu Quoc prisoners.


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