Phu Quoc National Park

Phu Quoc National Park belongs to four communes of Ganh Dau, Bai Thom, Cua Can and Ham Ninh.


With the total area of 31,422ha, Phu Quoc National Park is surrounded mainly by three mountains of Ham Ninh, Ham Rong and Ganh Dau and a river system of Cua Can, Duong Dong and Rach Tram. Moreover, Phu Quoc National Park also includes 60km coastline with beautiful beaches such as Thom, Dai, Vung Bau… and a system of streams and waterfalls, namely Da Ban, Da Ngon, Tranh, Tien.

Phu Quoc National Park
Phu Quoc National Park. Photo: Sketyl none

Besides, visitors will be impressed by the diversity of flora and fauna system, consisting of 1,164 plant species, 61 mammal species, 134 bird species, 47 reptile species, 23 amphibian species, of which many species listed in Viet Nam Red Book such as forest wolf, white monkey, pile ape… The ideal time to observe animals in Phu Quoc National Park is sunrise for monkeys, sunset for giant bats and night for nocturnal wildcat and owls. The national park is also home to 89 hard coral species, 19 soft coral species, 125 fish species, 132 mollusc species, 32 echinoderm species, 62 seaweed species, 9 seagrass species; many of which are rare species such as tridacnagigas, trochusnilotichus, dugong…

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To Phu Quoc National Park, visitors will be immersed in the charming natural landscapes, soaked in crystal blue water, participated in many interesting outdoor activities (camp­ing, fishing, scuba diving.) and enjoyed local specialties (sim wine, grilled bien mai oyster, stream fish.).


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