Pho – noodle soup

Pho - beef noodle soup was tagged as among the world's most unique dishes worth trying.


“Pho” pampers your taste buds with an exclusive and exquisite flavor of sweeten consommé, soft white noodles, fresh vegetables, pungent grilled ginger and chili peppers. The dish for all seasons is best served with beef or chicken. Hanoi is the go to place for pho.

Pho - noodle soup
Pho – noodle soup. Photo: pxhere

You can enjoy a bowl of pho in Hanoi at pho Thin restaurant near Hoan Kiem lake, pho 24 restaurants, pho Gia Truyen (49 Bat Dan St.), pho Hop tac xa (Ly Quoc Su St.), chicken noodle (Nam Ngu St.) and so forth.


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