My Son cultural heritage

My Son is located in Duy Xuyen district (Quang Nam Province), 70km from Da Nang City and 45km from Hoi An.


This is the My Son tower temple complex situated in a closed valley surrounded by mountains, where sacrifices and offering rites of many old Champa royal dynasties were conducted. This grandiose religious relic site bears the characteristics of Champa culture and was built continuously over a 1000 year period.

My Son cultural heritage
My Son cultural heritage. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Commenced from the 4th century to the early 14th century, this relic complex has over 70 tower temples with Hindu influenced architectural and sculpture style typical of historic Champa kingdoms. Most tower temples face the East towards the sunrise where spirits reside. Due to hundreds of years of fierce war and severe natural conditions, My Son retains only about 20 relics in seriously downgraded condition. Recently, with the assistance of the governments, organizations and international specialists have restored some structures.

My Son cultural heritage
Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Main temples in My Son worship Linga – Yoni set, or the symbol of the spirit Siva – the Protector of Champa reigns. For important architectural, cultural and historic values, My Son Relic Site was recognized as a World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO in 1999.


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