Mai Chau

Mai Chau (in Hoa Binh province) is an immense green valley with villages of ethnic minority people living.


In Mai Chau, tourists can visit the lakes and villages of Mong and Muong people, such as Hang Kia, Pa Co, Van Mai, by bicycle or on foot.

Mai Chau (in Hoa Binh province)
Mai Chau (in Hoa Binh province). Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Mai Chau (in Hoa Binh province)
Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Visitors can also enjoy popular music performances, the Thai special foods in Lac village, Van village, and Pom Coong, and the unique landscape of the mountainous area along to Da river. Staying overnight at Lac village will help tourists to better understand the manners and customs of the Northwest ethnic minorities.


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