Lau mam

Lau mam - Mixed vegetables and meat hot pot


Lau mam is a mixture of various fresh raw vegetables like lilies, “keo-neo“, a kind of bitter vegetable, etc. and meat including water fish, shrimp, crab, cuttlefishes, beef or other varieties. The dish is both delicious and nutritious.

lau mam

A particular Vietnamese sour fish soup in southern Vietnam consists of a variety of vegetables like mint, tamarind, carambola, tomatoes, bean sprouts, etc. The dish is made of loc fish, white catfish and others. A perfect combination of sweet and sour lightly pungent sauce, white soft aromatic pieces of fishes, green peppers and tomatoes creates awesome taste. The dish is best served with caramelized fish cooked with coconut essence and fish sauce in a terra – cotta pot.


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