Kim Lien relic site – native land of President Ho Chi Minh


Kim Lien commune, Nam Dan district, Nghe An Province, about 15km from Vinh City, is the relic site of the native land, family and childhood of the President Ho Chi Minh.

Kim Lien Monuments Park
Kim Lien Monuments Park. Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Ho Chi Minh's birthplace
Ho Chi Minh’s birthplace. Photo: David Brewer

This place accommodates many relic sites including: the birth place of the President Ho Chi Minh in his maternal native land, Hoang Tru village (also known as Chua village), Sen village (Kim Lien commune) – his paternal native land, where he lived from 1901 – 1906 tomb quarter of Ms. Hoang Thi Loan – mother of the President Ho Chi Minh, relic cluster of Chung mountain and many other sites closely associated with his childhood.


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