Hung Temple

Hung Temple lies on Nghia Linh mountain, in Co Tich hamlet, Hy Cuong commune, Phong Chau (Phu Tho), 100km from Hanoi and 14km from Viet Tri City.


Hung Temple has many national historical relics, and contains vestiges of Hung Kings in the initial time of establishment of Van Lang State. Hung Temple is associated with the legend Au Co, Lac Long Quan, the first state of Vietnamese people, which has been handed down in many generations. Hung Temple has been established for a long time and received many repairs and improvements.

Hung Temple
Photo by manhhai

The relic area includes main items such as Ha temple the bell-tower, Thien Quang pagoda, Trung temple, 6th Hung King’s royal tomb, Gieng temple, Mother Au Co temple and Hung Vuong museum.

Hung Temple Festival is annually organized on March 10th of the lunar year and also the national holiday in Vietnam.


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