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Vietnam has long been renowned for its numerous multi product craft villages.


Vietnam has long been renowned for its numerous multi product craft villages. Vietnam’s traditional craft villages account for 400 out of more than 2500 villages scattered throughout the country. The north is hosts to many craft villages with special products: Van Phuc silk, Phu Lang pottery, Bat Trang porcelain/ pottery, Phu Vinh with facilities made from rattan and bamboo, Chuyen My nacre furniture, Quat Dong – Hanoi beautiful embroidered handicrafts, Dong Ho paintings Dong Ky – Bac Ninh wooden products, Y Yen – Nam Dinh brass products, Non Nuoc – Ninh Binh stone sculptures, and Thanh Ha – Ha Nam lace embroidery handicrafts. The middle region of Vietnam is home to brass sculptures in Hue and Phuoc Kieu, Kim Bong potteries in Quang Nam, Bau Da wine, horse hats in Binh Dinh, etc. South Vietnam is famous for Vinh Long and Bau Truc potteries.

Bat Trang ceramics village
Bat Trang ceramics village. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Each of Vietnam’s ancient village offers unique and diverse handicrafts. Raw materials are transformed into beautiful items with the clever hands an artist’s eye and the craftsman’s care. Vietnamese traditional handicrafts convey a wide variety of art and culture significance. Tourists can hear stories about a particular ethnical culture through its distinct handicrafts.

Bau Truc ceramics village
Bau Truc ceramics village

Vietnamese potteries are among the most famous traditional handicrafts. In northern Vietnam, Bat Trang, Tho Ha, Huong Canh, Phu Lang are popular pottery villages. Meanwhile, Dong Nai, Song Be, Binh Duong, Ninh Thuan in southern Vietnam is home to large scale pottery manufactures. Tourists are also very interested in Vietnam’s┬ámany antique pottery exhibitions. For example, Bat Trang hosts a famous antique pottery exhibition of about 400 old items dating from the 15th to 19th centuries and 300 more samples of Bat Trang pottery. Hue Museum of Royal Fine Arts displays an exhibit of 3,700 antique potteries and porcelains, 700 out of the 3,700 are gem porcelain items which belonged to the Ly – Tran, Mac, and Le – Trinh dynasties. Numerous antique exhibits of ancient Sa Huynh, Champa and Chu Dau are on display at a scared space to pay tribute to Grand Ho Tan Phan.

lantern making in Hoi An
Lantern making in Hoi An. Photo: Pixabay

Tourists coming to Vietnam are entranced by diverse handicraft villages with numerous cultural festivals and scared religious events that show the traditions and ancestral customs of long ago.

horse hats in Binh Dinh
Horse hats in Binh Dinh. Photo: Pixabay

Visits to traditional craft villages in Vietnam bring you on a journey to discover historical and cultural rich heritages. Going to Bac Ninh, the home of wooden fine arts, tourists can visit the ancient Do Temple in Dinh Bang, Dong Ky Communal House, Phat Tich pagoda and attend the famous Lim Festival in the spring. Tour operators offer tourists exotic tours to these amazing craft villages with inspiring landscapes and colorful cultures.

Van Phuc silk
Van Phuc silk. Photo: Pixabay

Thanks to their locations and convenient modes of transportation, it is easy for tourists to travel to almost all of Vietnam’s craft villages. Take a drive to the ones you find the most interesting to learn all about the rich history and culture of Vietnam.


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