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Vietnamese food is generally healthy being comparatively low in fat and high in carbohydrate. Common dishes include fresh and nutrious vegetables, as well as sea food. Most Vietnamese dishes are paired with particular herbs and vegetables to best bring out distinctive flavors. Meals are often comprised several dishes each with distinctive flavors.Vietnamese cuisine varies according to location and physical geography. Northern Vietnam focuses on blending fresh ingredients, pungent fish sauce, tart limes, shrimp paste and a wide variety of herbs and fresh sea food including: shrimp, crab, fish, clams, mussels, etc. Hanoi food represents authentic northern specialties. The central region of Vietnam has long been renowned for its extravagant pungent and salty food, especially multiform shrimp paste. Meanwhile, Southern food has a very sweet taste. Southern dishes often add sugar and coconut essence and are best served with delicious shrimp or fish paste.

Ca loc nuong trui

The dish is made of a kind of water fish called Loc. The fishes are covered in clay, buried, then burned using leaves and...

Fried spring roll (Nem)

Many tourists who come to Vietnam fall in love with Vietnamese fried spring rolls, called "nem" or "cha gio" (minced pork rolls).The filling, made...

Cao lau Hoi An

Cao lau is the foremost traditional Hoi An food. The dish is made of xa xiu, fresh raw vegetables, grilled ground nuts and cao...

Hue sweetened porridge

Hue has long been renowned for its exquisite cuisine one of which is Hue sweetened porridge. It is one of the finest cuisines in...

Cha ca La Vong – La Vong fried fish

La Vong fried fish was named in a noted book "1000 places to see before you die" by famous sightseer Patricia Schultz. In late...

Green sticky rice cake – Hang Than

Banh com or green sticky rice cake serves as among the most unique and delish northern specialties and is usually found at every engagement...

Chung cake

Vietnamese traditionally pay tribute to ancestors through a feast of fruits, food, sweets, flowers and tea offered to deities and ancestors. Here chung cake...

Bun cha – Grilled pork

A bowl of pungent fish sauce, tart limes and pieces of grilled pork meat and herbs is perfectly served with soft white rice vermicelli....

Pho – noodle soup

"Pho" pampers your taste buds with an exclusive and exquisite flavor of sweeten consommé, soft white noodles, fresh vegetables, pungent grilled ginger and chili...


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