Experiencing amazing unique tours in Ha Noi

Ha Noi capital is over 1,000 years old, making visitors all over the world impressed by its ancient beauty and tranquility. Sitting on a cyclo or a tram, visitors can see the beautiful old quarter, filled with colorful colors, creating a peaceful space.


Coming to Ha Noi, visitors can experience some of the following tours.

Cyclo tour

Cyclo tour
Photo: Bá Hoạt

Watching and enjoying the Old Quarter by cyclo is an interesting activity that any visitor would like to experience while traveling in Ha Noi. The tinkling sound of the cyclo has been associated with Ha Noi since the early 20th century. It plays an important role in the lives of the people here. Traveling by cyclo, visitors can film, take pbotos, relax, admire, monuments, ancient features of Ha Noi and immerse themselves into the busy life of the old town. Cycling around Hoan Kiem lake, you might pay from 50,000VND to 150,000VND, depending on the route and your bargaining.

Tramcar tour

Tramcar tour

Having come into operation since July 2010, tramcars are in the project of clean transportation in the old quarter of Ha Noi by Dong Xuan joint Stock Company. With 12 vehicles operating from 8h30’ until 23h00’ and a team of professional drivers, tram car demonstrates the success of green tourism, being friendly to the environment.

When sitting on the car, visitors can listen to the history and the culture and the tourist destinations through installed tapes. Therefore, after each trip, tourists will understand more about the streets and places of Ha Noi. The cars have no glass doors, so visitors seem to be feeling better. Moreover, electric cars have no gasoline smoke and they are very friendly to the environment…

The price is only 15,000VND/person/visit and 150,000VND per car, so visitors are easily participating in the journey without hesitation. There are many routes to choose: visit the commercial street and Dong Xuan market or visit the streets of Ma May, Hang Bac, Hang Bo, Hang Son, Hang Trong… In addition, tourists can book a half-day tour from tour companies at prices ranging from 500.000 to 400,000 VND per person including meals.

Craft village tour

Chang Son paper fan craft village
Chang Son paper fan craft village. Photo: TTV Online

Known as a land of hundreds of trades, including hundreds of years old craft villages, Ha Noi has become a potential land of craft village tourism. Ha Noi attracts a large number of tourists coming to craft village every year. The craft villages of Ha Noi are creating beautiful and lively cultural identity. Visiting the craft village of Ha Noi, visitors will have opportunity to learn: the Bat Trang pottery village, Quat Dong embroidery, Dinh Cong gold, Ngu Xa brass, Van Phuc silk, Chuong hat, Cu Da sauce… You can learn about the process of producing by the hands of the artisans. You also have the opportunity to buy quality products at reasonable prices.

The Opera House tour

Hanoi Opera House
Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The program will take place at 10 am on Mondays and Thursdays every week in 90 minutes (in which the performance is about 30 minutes). The number of visitors per program will not exceed 250 people, 400.000 VND/ticket/person. The price is reduced 50% for students.

The tour has two parts. At first, visitors will learn about tbe bistory of theater construction, architectural style, accessing to the original design hand painted by the French architect. Then, visitors will visit the main hall, the stairs, the auditorium, the seating; enjoy the tea in the mirror room to learn about bullet holes in December 1946. In addition, visitors also observe documents, photos of major events. In the second part, visitors will enjoy the art performance named “Hon Viet”, including special art performances: solo monochord, flute concert, classical drama, “chau van”, puppet show…


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