Eco tourism

Nowadays, eco tourism in Vietnam is quite developed and favored by many tourists.


Generously endowed with diverse terrains from high mountains to coastal platforms and offshore islands, Vietnam is without a doubt a timeless charm to tourists. In particular the country boasts a high biodiversity with hundreds of endangered animal species in need of special protection.

The various communities through­out the country with their unique customs, strong cultural identi­ties and a rich treasures of native wisdom passed on to many gen­erations greatly contribute to the curiosity and yearning for discovery in each tourist. This lays a firm foundation for the blooming of attractive eco tourist services.

Moc Chau Vietnam
Moc Chau Vietnam. Photo: Pixabay

Currently, Vietnam has 8 natural reserves registered by UNESCO, 3 marine reserves and 164 forests of special use, of which 30 are national forests, 69 are natural preservation forests, 45 landscape forests and 20 forests are used for scientific research. Along with the initial pres­ervation purpose, national parks and reserves have served as a new tourist hub for nature lovers.

Ecotourism destinations to visit in Vietnam

Nowadays, eco tourism in Vietnam is quite developed and favored by many tourists. In some provinces in the Mekong Delta, eco tours to tropical gardens are on the rise. Here visitors can experience a memorable trip riding boats through canals to go fishing, visit fruit gardens and bird yards and stay with the locals…

Mekong River Delta
Mekong River Delta. Photo: Pixabay

In the Central coastal regions, eco tours are always associated with the theme of oceans and islands. Some separate tours are currently offered such as visits to discover an island’s ecology or sea diving to explore colorful coral reefs.

danang vietnam
Central coastal regions. Photo: Pixabay

In the Central Highlands, the dis­covery of dipterocarp trees unique to this basalt land and peculiar cultural identity in association with lavish bronze gongs feast of ethnic communities are always are huge attractions for eco tours.

The central highlands Vietnam
The central highlands Vietnam. Photo: Pixabay

In the North, eco tours are fueled by the appeal of national parks and ethnic minorities in remote mountainous regions. Eco tours to discover areas such as Fansipan peak, Ba Be lake and Moc Chau Plateau. are great destinations.

north east coast
North east coast. Photo: Pixabay

In particular, Ha Long and Cat Ba’s reputation as a World Natural Heritages draws large numbers of tourists on ecotours. In Cat Ba, already registered a World Bio Reserve, eco activities are strongly encouraged and oriented in a comprehensive strategy for the sustainable development of the coastal and island regions famous for their incredible biodiversity.

Halong bay Vietnam
Halong bay Vietnam. Photo: Pixabay

In addition, eco tourism in Vietnam is regarded as a type of socially responsible and environmentally friendly tourism. In the long term national development strategy, eco tourism is determined to be a sustainable smokeless industry.


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