Dinh Cau Temple Relic

Dinh Cau Temple is located in Quarter 2, Duong Dong Town, 200m to the west of the town's centre.


Dinh Cau Temple was a small temple built before the 17th century to worship Ba Chua Ngoc (Thien Y A Na) and her two sons (Mr. Tai and Mr. Quy) – the protectors of the sea-island.

Dinh Cau Temple is near Duong Dong Estuary, on a natural cliff that looks like a mountain reaching to the sea with undulating rocks in vivid shapes lying below it. The road to Dinh Cau Temple includes 29 stone steps and a small temple of Tho than (Earth God). In the two sides of temple lobby have rows of cement pillars with Chinese traditional pair of parallel sentences. The temple’s sanctum overlooking the sea embodies altars of Ba Chua Ngoc, Mr. Tai and Mr. Quy along with incense holder, bell, light, drum…The top of Dinh Cau is carved two-dragon-shaped ceramic patterns and blue enamel porcelain prayer lines.

Dinh Cau Temple, Phu Quoc
Dinh Cau Temple, Phu Quoc. Photo: Pixabay

From Dinh Cau Temple, visitors can sightsee the lighthouse and Phu Quoc sea with hundreds of fishing boats.

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Outstanding characteristics:

Dinh Cau Temple considered as cultural and belief symbol of Phu Quoc Island is the place of wishing for good luck, good life and good catch for trips of local fishermen.


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