Da Lat

Da Lat is a healthy city on the mountain in Lam Dong Province with many natural distinctions in terms of climate and landscape.


Located at 1,500m above the sea level. Da Lat has fresh and pleasant climate with the low average temperature of 15°C and the high average temperature around 24°C during the normal day. It also has year long sunshine. Da Lat is called the city of spring, flowers and pine forest.

Da Lat Vietnam
Da Lat Vietnam. Photo: Pixabay

Da Lat Flower Festival is organized in December every year.

Xuan Huong lake

Xuan Huong lake Dalat
Xuan Huong lake. Photo: Flickr

Covers 5,000m, located in the center of Da Lat. The lake has crescent moon shape, surrounded by shaded roads, small flower gardens and romantic cafés.

Love Valley

Love Valley Dalat
Love Valley. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Beautiful and romantic, about 5km north of the center of Da Lat, Love Valley is as beautiful and lively with colorful flower gardens, green pine forest and bending basalt roads.

Da Lat Railway Station

Da Lat Railway Station
Da Lat Railway Station. Photo: Flickr

Located 500m East of Xuan Huong lake. The railway connects Da Lat with Cham Tower (Tourcham). It was inaugurated in 1938 and was regarded as the most beautiful railway station in Indochina at that time. The railway covers a length of 84km including 16km of saw-toothed section (Cremailere) was designed by the Swedish. In 1991, the 7km section of railway connecting Trai Mat with Da Lat was restored. Coming to Trai Mat, tourists can visit miraculously changing natural sceneries and enjoy the fresh air of the Central Highlands.

Truc Lam monastery

Truc Lam monastery
Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Truc Lam monastery
Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Located by Tuyen Lam lake on Phuong Hoang mountain, Da Lat City. The pagoda was created by the superior Buddhist monk Thich Thanh Tu in the early 1990s. The monastery covers 24.5ha and is divided into 3 separate areas. This is the biggest Zen research monastery in Vietnam.

Apart from being a big pagoda and a monastery, Truc Lam is also an ideal tourist destination because its beautiful location – viewing Tuyen Lam lake and Voi Mountain.

Bidoup – Nui Ba National Park

Bidoup-Nui Ba National Park
Bidoup-Nui Ba National Park. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Located in Lac Duong district (Lam Dong province) , about 25km from Da Lat, Bidoup – Nui Ba National Park covers 64,800ha, including 50,000ha of primeval forest with pine forests, Fokiena hodginsii L. forests, green cypress forests, Cephalotaxaceae forests and many species of rare and precious animals and plants. Bidoup – Nui Ba National Park is one of 221 endemic bird centers of the world. Common birds include: shrike, black-necked grackle, spotted dove, francolín, Moorcock, boucal, drong and woodpecker. Among them, there are three species of endemic birds: black-throated laughing, black-headed laughing and yellow sparrow.

Two famous mountain tops are Langbian and Bidoup which like many rivers and waterfalls in the area, are part of national park.

Pongour waterfall, also known as seven-layer waterfall

Pongour waterfall
Pongour waterfall. Photo: Flickr

Located in Duc Trong district, Lam Dong Province, 50km from Da Lat city. Pongour waterfall is 30m high, hundreds of meters long and has a wide veranda. Pongour is a famously beautiful waterfall that was regarded by the French as the “most grandiose waterfall in Indochina”. The waterfall is surrounded by the primeval forest covering about 2.5ha a diversity of vegetation cover and many ancient trees and animals.

Dambri waterfall

Dambri waterfall
Dambri waterfall. Photo: Flickr

About 18km from the center of Bao Loc town, located in the middle of a secluded and beautiful primeval forest. Dambri waterfall is about 60m high. In the rainy season, upstream water flows violently and it is possible to hear the sound from several kilometers away. The waterfall is surrounded by a nearly untouched forest.


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