Con Son – Kiep Bac relic and tourist attraction cluster

Con Son relic site in Chi Linh district (Hai Duong Province), about 70km from Hanoi


Con Son relic site includes a complex of mountains with pine forest, rivulets and many famous relics such as Con Son pagoda, Nguyen Trai temple, Gieng Ngoc, Fairy Alta, Thach Ban flagstone. Originating from the Tran dynasty, Con Son was one of three centers of Truc Lam Zen (Con Son, Yen Tu, Quynh Lam).

This land has been associated with the names and careers of many Vietnamese celebrities such as Tran Nguyen Dan, Huyen Quang and Nguyen Trai.

Con Son pagoda
Con Son pagoda. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Kiep Bac historic and cultural relic site in Hung Dao commune, Chi Linh district (Hai Duong), 5km from Con Son, is where Hung Dao Vuong Tran Quoc Tuan established his base, stored food and trained soldiers in the resistance wars against Nguyen Mong invaders in the 13th century. The center of the relic site contains the Saint Tran Temple built in the early 14th century.


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