Bun cha – Grilled pork

Bun cha or grilled pork noodle soup is arguably one of the most popular dishes in Vietnam.


A bowl of pungent fish sauce, tart limes and pieces of grilled pork meat and herbs is perfectly served with soft white rice vermicelli. A well-mixed fish sauce with vinegar, sugar, hot chilli, garlic, pepper and slices of kohlrabi or green papaya contains all the essential tastes: sour, hot, salty and sweet. If the pork is cut into small pieces, it is called “cha mieng” (piece of grilled pork). If the pork is minced prior to being shaped into small cubes then it is named cha bam (minced grilled pork). The aromatic flavor of bun cha is accompanied with a wide variety of fresh raw vegetables such as fennel, basil, marjoram, balm – mint, etc.

Bun cha
Photo: Wikimedia Commons

There are various places where you can enjoy bun cha in Hanoi like No.1 Hang Manh Str., Ngo Tram, Hang Chieu or No. 81 Lac Long Quan Str.


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