Attractive destinations in Viet Nam for international tourists

Touropia ( has published the 10 most attractive destinations in Viet Nam that tourists can not miss: Ha Long bay, Thien Mu pagoda (Hue), Hoan Kiem lake, Hoi An, Phu Quoc, Sapa, Mui Ne, Cuu Long (Mekong Delta), Cu Chi tunnels and Nha Trang.


According to Touropia, most international visitors are fascinated by the beautiful natural landscape in Viet Nam: the from lush green rice fields in the north to the bustle of the Mekong Delta. Viet Nam is also a country with long history and ancient traditions, having many historic attractions and ancient temples.

Ha Long bay (Quang Ninh)

Ha Long bay
Photo: Pixabay

Ha Long bay is a natural wonder of the world with thousands of islands. The islands in Ha Long bay have their own shapes. Ha Long bay also attracts visitors by tbe cave system, biodiversity and floating villages on the water. Travelling to Ha Long bay, tourists can go sightseeing, swimming, kayaking, diving or take a sunset tour on the bay combined with fishing…

Thien Mu pagoda (Hue)

Thien Mu Pagoda
Thien Mu Pagoda. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Thien Mu pagoda in Hue was built by Lord Nguyen in 1601 and was designed to look at Huong River, creating a beautiful landscape.

Hoan Kiem lake (Ha Noi)

Hoan Kiem lake – Ngoc Son temple
Hoan Kiem lake – Ngoc Son temple. Photo: Pixabay

Located in the center of a historic city, Hoan Kiem lake is one of the most famous landscapes in Ha Noi and is considered as a popular amusement park of the capital. The name of Hoan Kiem lake originated from the legend of King Le Loi who returned the sword, which had helped him defeat foreign invaders, to the Golden Turtle.

Hoi An (Quang Nam)

hoi an vietnam
Hoi An. Photo: Pixabay

Hoi An was a thriving international trading port during the 17th and 18th centuries. In Hoi An ancient town, all the complex of ancient architectural relics including many houses were still preserved comprehensively. Hoi An is also known as “Venice of Viet Nam” because of tbe small rivers flowing through a part of this ancient town. With its outstanding values, Hoi An ancient town was recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 1999. The most ideal time for visitors to visit the ancient town is in the evening. Visitors can see the sparkling streets with many colorful lanterns.

Phu Quoc (Kien Giang)

Phu Quoc Island
Phu Quoc Island. Photo: Pixabay

Phu Quoc is the largest island in Viet Nam. The island has pristine rainforests, coral reefs and beautiful beaches. Long Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Phu Quoc, selected by ABC News as one of the 5 most beautiful beaches in the world. Phu Quoc is also famous for producing the best fish sauce in the world. Visiting Phu Quoc, visitors can enjoy the peaceful moments, relaxing with the beautiful beaches, crystal blue sea, warm climate and luxury resorts.

Terraces in Sapa (Lao Cai)

Sapa Vietnam
Sapa Vietnam. Photo: Pixabay

Sapa is a town in northwestern Viet Nam. Coming to Sapa, visitors will be surprised by the beauty of terraced fields in Muong Hoa valley, located between Sapa town and Mount Fansipan. Beside going sightseeing, visitors also can exchange, learn about the habits of local Mong, Giay, Dao, Tay ethnic…

Mui Ne (Binh Thuan)

Mui Ne Phan Thiet
Mui Ne, Phan Thiet. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Mui Ne is the ideal destination in Viet Nam for kite flying and windsurfing. You cannot miss the trip to the beautiful sand dunes, especially in the sunset scene. Mui Ne is a famous destination with hundreds of resorts, attracting many international tourists.

Mekong Delta

Mekong River Delta
Mekong River Delta. Photo: Pixabay

The Mekong Delta is in the South of Viet Nam. This area is very rich and lush, covered by green rice fields. With a huge system of rivers, canals and many fruit trees, the Mekong Delta is a destination for those who want to find peace in countryside. Visitors should take a float to discover the daily life of local people, visit the fruit garden and boats to explore the mangrove forests, visit the snake farm or see the birds… In addition, the West people are famous for being friendly and hospitable.

Cu Chi Tunnels (Ho Chi Minh city)

Cu Chi tunnels

Cu Chi tunnels are an underground defense system in Cu Chi district, 70km to the northwest of Ho Chi Minh City. This system was excavated by the National Front of the Liberation of South Viet Nam during the Indochina War and the Viet Nam war. The tunnel system is about 250km long, including a clinic, many rooms, kitchen, storage, working rooms, underground tunnel system. Today, the Cu Chi tunnels are a popular sightseeing site, attracting many domestic and foreign tourists to visit and learn about the rough battle during the war.

Nha Trang (Khanh Hoa)

Nha Trang
Nha Trang. Photo: VoVanThanh

Nha Trang is a famous seaside city of Viet Nam. Together with Ha Long bay, Nha Trang bay is Viet Nam’s second gulf among the most beautiful bays in the world. It has clean climate, beautiful beaches and white sand. Visiting Nha Trang, visitors can experience many interesting water sports such as diving, surfing, windsurfing,… In addition, another great point of Nha Trang is the cuisine with delicious and cheap food such as: jellyfish noodle, rice cake soup, Can cake…


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