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Rural Vietnam includes 92% of the country's area and 70% of its population. The variety of scenery and farming lifestyles, geography and terrain Vietnam has many distinct villages.


Villages in the Red River Delta have rich cultural traditions, historic architecture and artifacts, lush rice paddy fields and natural scenic beauty. Villages in the Mekong Delta boast exuberant tropical gardens, interlacing canals and busy floating markets all year long. Many rural areas in Vietnam have long-established craft villages that produce indigenous handicrafts such as ceramics, porcelain, silk, lacquers, rattan and pearls.

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Many locations across the country have seized opportunities develop venues for these tours. In Lao Cai, Thua Thien – Hue and An Giang, rural community tours have positively contributed to the preservation of environment and local culture. Since the 90s southwestern provinces have spawned a new form of rural eco­tourism linked with their signature tropical gardens and canals. The model has since been spread to other tourist sites to attract domestic and international visitors.

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Reaching villages in Vietnam, tourists will immediately be impressed by the peacefulness and profound culture observed in the daily life of the locals. In addition, homestays offer a great experience to become immersed within a village farmer’s life. You can performs daily tasks such as cultivation, fishing, and planting vegetables.

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You can experience the life and work of a northern farmer in the tour “Travelling the countryside” in Gia Van commune, Ninh Binh. Other choices include discovering farm life in Dong Que farm (Ba Vi, Hanoi), learning of central life through growing and watering vegetables in the village Tra Que, living in a “Vietnamese villages” which is a miniature model of 21 traditional craft villages in Quang Nam or experiencing the daily life of farmers in the charming Mekong Delta. An Giang province alone has built up rural community tourist units in three communes My Hoa Hung (Long Xuyen City), Tan Trung (Phu Tan) and Van Giao (Tinh Bien). Each commune features 10 to 15 households to host tourists.

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Many other rural community tourist sites are warmly greeting tourists from all nationalities. In a family of rustic, honest and hospitable Vietnamese farmers, you will immediately feel at home.


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