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Many tourists report that this S-shaped country has won their hearts with its rich culture and scenic works of art which highlights Vietnam’s continuous desire for freedom and peace. Tourists to Vietnam will never be disappointed by the rustic lifestyle and unique festivals of 54 ethnicities throughout the country along with her subtle culinary essences. Each delicacy embodies some spiritual values, aestheticism and regional cultural diversity.

Vietnam’s landscape is enchanting. Stretching over 3200km, its coastlines are adorned by many fine beaches bathed in golden sunlight. Vietnam’s world bio reserves, unspoiled jungles and delightful caves are ideal destinations for those in love with adventures, excitement and archeology.

Most popular destinations include the Red River Delta with its ancient pagodas, fields of tiny golden flowers on river banks and glinting paddy fields, the Mekong Delta with abundant fruit gardens and interlacing canals, the Northern mountainous regions lushly forested with ancient jungles, and the Central Highlands with its energetic indigenous people.

Vietnam also offers both shopping and recreational destinations. Hanoi capital and Ho Chi Minh City are must see destinations, while Hue imperial city and Hoi An ancient town offer glimpses of Vietnam’s ancient history through tombs and temples…

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