10 most interesting things about traveling by seaplane in Vietnam

Here are 10 unique things when traveling by seaplane:


Having been established in 2011, Hai Au Aviation was the pioneer in operating the unique type of seaplanes with the highest view of flying service in Viet Nam and South East Asia. In 2018, this airline has opened many more new routes in popular destinations such as Ha Long, Cat Ba, Co To, Da Nang, Hue, Ho Chi Minh City, Can Tho, Con Dao…

Water landing

Seaplanes are multi-functional aircraft with both wheels and floats fitted under the body of the plane. Therefore, the aircraft is allowed to land on the airport as well as the sea, rivers and lakes. In Ha Long, the plane will touch down directly to the water. Aircraft will glide softly like the yacht in Ha Long bay and slowly climb to the landing area for seaplane on Tuan Chau harbor.

Ha Long bay attracts international tourists
Ha Long bay attracts international tourists. Photo: Hai Au Aviation

Fly low at the height of only 150m to 2,000m

Seaplane is a small aircraft, flying below 2,000m and over 150m. Experienced pilots will bring the plane down, allowing visitors to see all the wonders and famous attractions from above. The seaplane can sail through the rocks at Ha Long bay, flying on tbe surface of the water to create the most unexpected experiences.

Seaplane glides softly like the yacht in Ha Long bay
Seaplane glides softly like the yacht in Ha Long bay

Every pilot is a tour guide

With special structure, the aircraft allows pilots to interact directly with passengers. At each destination, visitors will be explained about tbe places that the aircraft fly through, such as Ha Long city, Ti Top island, Vung Vieng fishing village, Ngoc Trai fishing village, Soi Sim island, Yen Ngu island Dragon Eye island, Hon Gai commune, Bai Tho mountain, Lu Huong island, Trong Mai island, Tuan Chau harbor.

Visitors are allowed to use camera

Tbe airline encourages you to use digital devices to capture the unique moment during your trip. Normally, passengers may use a camera, film camera, trip camera or else only your smart phone that is able to create extremely vivid pictures, stunning movie clips on the high-end aircraft.

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Using your phone with 4G wave comfortably on the plane

If it is normal for transport aviation to ask you not to use, even turn off your cellphone to ensure the flight safety. It is not any more with the seaplane. You can comfortably use a 4G phone to get in touch with friends, partners and to access the internet in order to post your experience directly to social networks. The aircraft will be activated with other signal waves, different from civil aircrafts. It will fly in low altitude, which allows you to use the phone waves.

Leading the way with normal eye

Equipped with advanced positioning radar, the seaplane still use leading navigation skills and VFR (visual flight rules). Therefore, the aircraft will be more flexible, easy to fly low or surf the water, avoiding objects around. Experienced pilots can be assured of a safe and unique experience for travelers.

Each flight only serves up to 12 passengers

Because of small and flexible structure, each seaplane serves only up to 12 passengers per flight. Hai Au Aviation always strictly obeys specific regulations and guidelines to ensure absolute safety for each flight.

Customers can see the pilot directly

Each aircraft has 14 seats, with 12 seats for passengers and 2 seats for pilots. With two consecutive compartments, the passengers can observe the pilot launching the aircraft, taking off, landing as well as surfing on the water.

No long runway needed like large transport aircraft

The runway used for seaplane does not needed to be too long. The aircraft was able to take off with just under 1,000m. Therefore, at Tuan Chau harbor, the aircraft can take off flexible on the water surface. You can experience the process of taking off just in 60 seconds.

Chance to meet famous people and V.l.P in the world

Owning unique and high quality service, it is not difficult to understand that seaplane now is the first choice for your trip in Viet Nam. For more than two years of operation, a large number of high-class tourists have experienced seaplane service from Hai Au Aviation. Many famous people domestically and internationally have chosen the service: Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt, businessmen, CEO of famous fashion, royal family from Liban, Morocco, director Guillaume Gallienne, MC Phan Anh, actor Minh Tiep…


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