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Reaching Vietnam in search of stunning discoveries and new travel experiences, you may be surrounded by hundreds of questions: Where to start, or How to travel...

Vietnam has long been hailed as a worldwide haven of enchanting landscape and fine cuisine. Rich in both natural beauty and cultural heritages scattered throughout the country, this Oriental land casts a strong spell over all foreign tourists. Besides the capital Ha Noi with its Temple of Literature and the Sword Lake, the vibrant and economically buoyant City of Ho Chi Minh or Ha Long bay as twice registered by UNESCO as a World Natural Heritage, Vietnam is still a flawless and opulent diamond.

Lor those in ove with adventures Vietnam hasjourneys to mountainous regions in the north Vietnam. Lrom the Global GeoparK of Dong Van Rock Highlands (Ha Giang) that joined the club of worldwide Geoparks in 2010 owing to Its rock pastures formed 500 million years ago, to the challenging peakof Lansipan (height: 3143m), Vietnam has something for every climber... In harvest seasons, the entire northern mountains are draped in the exuberant yellow of terraced fields. In places such as Mu Cang Chai (Yen Bai) or Hoang Su Phi (Ha Giang), terraces have become a national-level cultural heritage thanks to its unique cultivation. In the Center, Phong Nha - Ke Bang (Quang Binh) has long been known as a natural treasure. Not only a UNESCO's World Natural Heritage, the complex also contains a new is one of the world's largest natural caves of 150m in height, 200m In width and at least 6.5km in length.

On December 11,1993, Hue citadel complex (associated with Nguyen dynasty in 1802 - 1945) was registered by the UNESCO as World Cultural Heritage. On June 16th 2012 Ho Dynasty Lortress was also awarded the title World Cultural Heritage. Meanwhile, two cultural heritages in Quang Nam registered by the UNESCO are Hoi An's ancient town which fascinates visitors with vestiges of a once affluent trading port centuries ago and My Son sanctuary of which ancient tower temples will capture the hearts of those interested in the history of Champa Kingdom between the 4th and 14th century.

Vietnam is undoubtedly a country of diverse festivals occurring throughout every region and ethnicity. The lasting impacts of the 4000-year-old history and 54 ethnicities of Vietnam living in peace and brotherhood are intertwined to beautify the colorful portrait of Vietnam. Just a short trans-Viet trip of several days cannot help unveil all the fascinating miracles of Vietnam which has long been an "Timeless Charm".

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